Kay Reindl - writer of BC & Click - has an e-book for sale

Kay Reindl - writer of BC & Click - has an e-book for sale

Postby HotMicks » Thu Sep 15, 2011 8:48 am

Just FYI, Kay Reindl is self-publishing a book she wrote on Amazon and Smashwords. You can get it for Kindle, etc and also download as a PDF, Word, or other file formats and it's about $2. As she said, many pages are available for preview on Amazon to get a sense if it's up your alley. This is from her blog (link below):

In Obscura is a book I started writing over a decade ago. I'd write, put it away, drag it out, change all the pop culture and technology, etc. It has a sprawling, ancient mythology that needed to be corralled. There's magic in it. But it doesn't feature a punkish, back-to-the-camera heroine covered in tramp stamps as she wields a sharpened weapon of some sort. It doesn't have the mainstream thriller fiction vibe either. It's not about a globe-trotting archaeologist, or a famous symbologist. There are no scenes of cardinals rending their garments at the Vatican. People, I DON'T EVEN MENTION OPUS DEI. The spine of this story is a secret history, created partly out of the inspiration I had when we were researching secret societies and black virgins and bloodlines on Millennium. And you can only fit so much ancient conspiracy into one hour of television.

I hope you take a look at it (hell, 20% of it is free anyway), and if you buy it, I hope it's worth your time and your two bucks.

More info:

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Re: Kay Reindl - writer of BC & Click - has an e-book for sa

Postby allegrita » Thu Sep 15, 2011 5:29 pm

Ooooh! That sounds really interesting - and besides, I love the idea of supporting a Moonlight writer in such a painless and entertaining way! Thanks a lot for this heads-up, HotMicks! :thumbs:
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