In Memoriam. PG, One-shot, Dialogue Only

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In Memoriam. PG, One-shot, Dialogue Only

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Title: In Memoriam
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own Moonlight, nor am I making any money from this, though I'm certainly having fun playing with the characters. No infringement intended.
Warnings: None, really, unless you count a very brief mention of a crime scene.
Summary: Ten years. It had been almost ten years since Mick disappeared.

A/N: The last dialogue-only fic I posted a few days ago, Small World, wound up inspiring me with another dialogue-only fic about Mick's family, and even as busy as I am at the moment, I couldn't resist. :teeth:

This fic is a prequel of sorts to an old seven-sentence fic of mine, Elegy, though you don't have to read that one to understand this one.

As always, I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is the source of all inspiration.


In Memoriam


“Would you like another slice of pie?”

“No, thanks, Mom. One slice was more than enough. I'm still full from lunch. At this rate, I won't have room for dinner.”

“Well, alright. But why don't I pack a few slices for you to take home for Muriel and the girls?”

“That would be great, but are you sure?”

“I am. Your father and I don't need to eat it all ourselves – though he might disagree.”

“Yeah...yeah, I'm sure he would.”

“He should be home about four o'clock...that is, if he doesn't decide to stay out on the pier a little longer. But I wouldn't be surprised if he does. It's the first real chance he's had to go fishing since he retired. I'm just sorry you missed him. He would have put off the trip if we'd known you'd be stopping by.”

“I wouldn't have wanted him to do that anyway. He deserves the chance to relax for once.”

“Why did you stop by today, Andy? I thought you and Muriel were planning to bring the girls over next weekend.”

“We are. I just...wanted to see you.”

“I'd never say no to that, but I know that look, Andrew St. John. There's more to it.”

“...Alright. There are some things I need to tell you. But...let me explain before you say anything. I...I bought a headstone. For Mick. I'm looking into buying a plot next.”


“Mom, please, just listen-”

“Listen? Why should I do that? You've obviously made your decision and didn't want to hear what I would say-”

“Because I knew what you would say! You'd say that I was giving up hope-”

“You are!”

“It'll be ten years in a couple months, Mom. Ten years! As much as I want Mick to just walk through that door right now, that's not going to happen, and we...we have to face that. You know what they found in that hotel room. And you know what that detective said...that much blood....”

“Detectives have been wrong before.”

“I don't think they're wrong this time, not when it's been so long. If Mick was still alive, if there was any chance for him to make it home, he'd fight with everything he had to do it. But there's been nothing.”

“ was that woman. It had to be. I told him it was too soon for them to marry – he didn't know enough about her.”

“Mom, however you felt about Coraline, Mick loved her. We don't know that she was involved.”

“We don't know that she wasn't.”

“Maybe not, but she's not here to answer any questions. That's something else I wanted to talk to you about. Her estate is finally going into probate. Remember David, my neighbor who's a lawyer? He looked into it for me. She had a will, and that friend of hers from Europe...Cynthia, I think her name her heir.”

“She didn't mention Mick in her will? That's hardly a surprise.”

“She might have been planning to change it after the wedding, but she never had the chance. No matter what, no one from her family has come forward, and as her in-laws, David said we could try to contest the will if we want to.”

“Contest it? I wouldn't want anything from that woman, and I'm sure your father will feel the same way.”

“I'm not surprised to hear you say that. I don't really want anything either. I'd like to give my girls the absolute best of everything, but anything I got out of it would just remind me of Mick. And I think about him enough already.”

“Oh, Andy...”

“I miss him, Mom. I miss my brother. I always will. That's why I need a place to put his ghost to rest, instead of carrying it around with me. I don't blame you for feeling like you do, but...can you try to understand that? Please?”

“I...I'll try. For you, I promise I'll try.”

“That's all I want. When I buy the plot, you don't have to visit. I'm not expecting that. I just...I need to do this.”

“Okay, Andy. Okay.”

“Thank you. You don't know what this means to me.”



“Tell me, will you, when you buy the plot? I'll...I'll get some fresh flowers, and maybe...maybe you can put them by his headstone for me?”

“I will, Mom. Of course I will.”



A/N: I hope you enjoyed it, and please let me know what you think! :blinksmile:

A/N2: I was thinking about the legal side of Mick “disappearing” while never actually leaving LA, something the show never really got into much detail about, and I realized that Coraline would have to “disappear” with him, at least as far as the human world is concerned. If she didn't, she would surely be a suspect in her husband's disappearance, and too much police scrutiny could end very badly. Of course, that would mean she would have to give up the legal identity she had when Mick first met her, including her financial assets and property, like the party house.

But, I would bet that vampires, especially older ones, are used to dealing with the legal side of giving up their human identities in the modern world (we know Josef has done so). It's my guess that they have a number of assets that they can assign to new identities and various ways of hanging on to the old assets they “leave behind.” In Coraline's case, I'm sure Cynthia would have been more than happy to hang onto the the party house in name only – and naturally Coraline would have all the access she wanted as soon as the scrutiny had passed.

I'm not a lawyer by any means, though I did quickly research probate laws in California and the rules surrounding a person being declared legally dead. But, if you're more knowledgeable in these areas than I am, please do excuse any errors in the legal concepts I used.

If you want to read more about my take on Mick's family, my other fics that include them are Blood Ties, Elegy, Namesake, Best Wishes, Visiting Hours, and Small World.

The topic of blood being left behind in the hotel room ties into one of my other dialogue only fics, The Scene of the Crime. (I do have an explanation for why Coraline would leave the blood behind instead of calling the Cleaners...but I'll leave that particular story thread for another fic someday, Lord willing. :blinksmile:)


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Re: In Memoriam. PG, One-shot, Dialogue Only

Post by allegrita »

Oh, I'm glad you wrote this one! It is a perfect companion to Elegy. I love that Andy had to talk to his mom about his plans for buying a gravesite for Mick. And I love that she's going to buy flowers for it. :hankie: :hearts: Such a bittersweet story.

P.S. I went back and reread all of your St. John family stories, thanks for posting the links!
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Re: In Memoriam. PG, One-shot, Dialogue Only

Post by aolver »

I never thought about if the Cleaners would be called if there were no bodies. Thanks.
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Re: In Memoriam. PG, One-shot, Dialogue Only

Post by Ella713 »

This was just perfect!! I loved Andy wanting to get a gravesite for Mick!!
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